About the Host

Lauren deLisa Coleman is a digi-cultural trend analyst. She is an expert at deciphering and forecasting macro trends in our society as they intersect with behavior around emerging technology platforms, and the revealing the impact of that on business and politics. Her primary area of focus is Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. She provides deep insights, research, and projections based on a unique blend of ethnographic; market research and predictive analytics based on proprietary algorithms. Millennial behavior around emerging tech is a sub-specialty of her expertise.

One of the first in the nation to analyze various sub-segments of millennials rather than collective targeting, she helps companies better connect with this broad ethnically and financially diverse demographic in new, fragmented methodologies. In addition, Lauren’s unique value proposition is her ability to provide broad knowledge into current and future consumer sentiment as it pertains to these new areas of technology and provide reasons, potential reaction and decision-making processes as they pertain to either digital behavior on a global market level. She has provided digi-cultural intelligence to a variety of notables in both the public and private sectors from Booz Allen to the United Nations.

Lauren is also a contracted contributor to a variety of print media outlets such as Forbes as well as a TV commentator on MSNBC. She also is the founder of Lnk Agency since 2014. Prior to this work, Lauren ran Punch Media Group, a digital branding, consulting, and content development company with clients from Jay-Z to Microsoft. At the height of the company, Lauren created and oversaw offices in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York City. Under her direction, the company even increased revenue in a particular genre by 87%. Prior to running her agency, Lauren worked in production at MTV Networks. She is an ivy league graduate, Columbia University.

About the Show

“Chain Smoke with Lauren deLisa Coleman” is an unprecedented, multi-platform series produced by Coleman’s Lnk Agency for Advertising Week. Appearing in editorial format, video and audio, “Chain Smoke” is the first content series to specifically examine the intersection of hot, emerging tech trends as they intersect with media, brands and advertising, with a particular focus on blockchain. The show features intimate conversation with senior executives and innovative mavericks in the brand, agency and technology spaces in rare, candid conversations with the host.

Go inside of the minds of today’s most influential names as we enter into the fourth industrial revolution – driven in large part by blockchain technology – that is shattering the business of advertising second by second. In-depth, compelling, a resource for any and everyone in this intersectional space today. Nothing short of addictive: “Chain Smoke.”