Chain Smoke: Chad Andrews, Global Solutions Leader, Advertising and Blockchain, IBM

A must-check out for anyone in the advertising-blockchain intersection today.  Lauren deLisa Coleman goes inside the hottest space in the industry today to talk, at length with Chad Andrews, Global Solutions Leader, Advertising and Blockchain at IBM. An executive with 23 years of experience in media and entertainment, Andrews is able to convey and articulate this area of opportunity like few in the industry. From analytics to content enrichment to supply chain and incentives for consumers, Andrews provides rich insights and direction. Everything you wanted to know but were either afraid to ask or didn’t quite get it the first time.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard

Raja Rajamannar is well-respected in the advertising sector and certainly does not disappoint during this interview that kicks off “Chain Smoke.” Host, Lauren deLisa Coleman, talks with Rajamannar about his views on blockchain’s future impact on the industry, his advice for best practices in the space, technology’s impact on the industry overall, diversity and more.  A rare opportunity to go inside the mind of a C-suite executive of a brand that touches billions of people worldwide each and everyday, successfully.