Chainsmoke: Fiona Carter, Chief Brand Officer of AT&T Communications

Fiona Carter is the Chief Brand Officer of the behemoth AT&T Communications, now the parent company of WarnerMedia. It’s a massive responsibility ensuring the brand is planted firmly in the market today with an active eye to the future all while addressing the needs of a hyper-fragmented market in a lighting fast world of emerging technology. Lauren deLisa Coleman speaks to her on location during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City which AT&T was presenting sponsor. Go inside now to grab these insights and strategies as Carter talks about the shape of AT&T Communications.

Chainsmoke: CEO of Project Verte, Julian Kahlon

A communication expert by trade, Julian Kahlon has worked closely with consumer brands for years, helping them strengthen relationships with their customers through better communication and digital experiences. Julian has led the rebrand for Haagen-Dazs as a Creative Director at Grey Group and headed the ADP innovation lab team that designed one of ADP’s core work management solutions.

In 2017, he noticed that more and more of the engagement between brands and customers happened in e-commerce and saw an opportunity to head in a different direction. And then… Project Verte was born.  Listen as Chainsmoke host Lauren deLisa Coleman talks to Julian from his unique perspective in the advertising industry as it moves toward a massive intersection with blockchain technology.

Chain Smoke: Jonnie Cahill, CMO of Heineken USA

Jonnie Cahill, CMO of Heineken USA, reveals how the brand stays ahead of the advertising curve, explains the strategic thinking behind the marketing of Heineken’s lastest product, Heineken Zero, the company’s position on emerging technology, and provide insight on what it takes to be a CMO in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world. Join “Chainsmoke” host Lauren deLisa Coleman as she catches up with Jonnie for an exclusive conversation to Advertising Week’s 360 platform. Listen now.

Chain Smoke: An Insider Look at a European Approach to Blockchain

As Lauren makes the rounds at CES, listen to how one major blockchain startup based in Europe managed to snag big-box retail chains there and what their plans are for the U.S.

Any marketer and advertiser will find this particular episode interesting since it offers an insider look at a European approach to blockchain, marketing and advertising with the Euro equivalent to Walmart, Carrefour and others.  Listen to this exclusive now with two innovating startups in the blockchain space as well as a key policy maker in France who reveals the countries strategy for supporting such companies both here and abroad to help advertising and marketing professionals get a jump on the competition in new ways.  Lauren deLisa Coleman takes you inside.

Chain Smoke: Ruud Feltkamp, CEO, CryptoHopper

Part of the Prince of The Netherlands’ Startup Delta incubator, CryptoHopper currently has 80,000 users worldwide. Listen to CEO Ruud Feltkamp talk about the future of tokenizing ads, culture, technology and more. This popular  Dutch Soap Actor is at the helm of the fastest growing crypto startup in The Netherlands and has much to share regarding algorithms, insights and more.  “Chain Smoke” caught up with the CEO during the massive CES conference to bring you all the insights as only host, Lauren deLisa Coleman, can.

Chain Smoke: Harry Dewhirst, President, Blis

In this first episode of 2019, we are at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Lauren talks with Harry Dewhirst, President of Blis, a prominent mobile advertising agency. The adtech veteran and acclaimed entrepreneur gives deep insight into current challenges and opportunities around the unique intersection of mobile advertising and blockchain technology. Learn more about their plans with IBM as their blockchain partner, forecast for the U.S., differences between various global territories and much more.  Give that Harry has a few medals in his collection – he received the “Rising Star of the Year Award” at the prestigious Media Week Award 2009, and was listed as a Forbes Asia “30 Under 30” Media, Marketing & Advertising Entrepreneur in 2016, this will be an insightful episode.

Chain Smoke: Tom Graham, Co-Founder, Media Protocol

This episode offers a rare opportunity to listen to Tom Graham expound upon the current and future state of blockchain as it intersects with the advertising industry.  Graham has a unique perspective in that he not only invests in companies in the space as a Managing Partner at TLDR, but has massive entrepreneurial experience in area of emerging technology via, MapD and particularly MEDIA Protocol. Graham’s concepts about how to best leverage and strategize for the space is a must-listen for anyone looking to develop a competitive edge in advertising.