Chain Smoke: Victoria Sunmie Lhie, Director of Experience, Cheil Worldwide

Victoria Sunmie Lhie, Director of Experience Strategy at Cheil Worldwide sits down with “Chain Smoke” to discuss agency work around such powerhouses as Samsung, the place emerging tech like blockchain will play, why “experience” is the buzzword to watch – but in a new way, and more.  This is an important episode given that Asia is currently leading in many tech advances and has a very unique approach to scope and application as it pertains to blockchain, artificial intelligence and more.  This is an episode that anyone looking to forecast in the advertising industry will want to hear.

Chain Smoke: Olivier Robert-Murphy, Global Head of New Business, Universal Music Group

Join Global Head of New Business at Universal Music Group, Olivier Robert Murphy as he discusses navigating the fast-pace intersection of music, tech and brands. Murphy reveals not only how some of today’s biggest deals between artists and brands have been hatched but also how plans for future moves and strategy as they pertain to the emerging technology space. Compelling, amusing, insightful, this episode is definitely one to catch to ensure a solid understanding of the powerful convergence of pop culture and tech plays as they will impact the advertising and marketing industries.

Chain Smoke: Tamara Ingram, CEO, JWT

When it comes to navigating the new area of blockchain and tokenizing ads, the entire industry is racing ahead to determine next moves, best practices, competent partners and so much more. CEO of JWT, Tamara Ingram, shoots straight from the hip on this episode of “Chain Smoke” revealing a candid, strong POV on this exciting new area as well as other key elements to watch in the field. Ingram sits down with “Chain Smoke” host Lauren deLisa Coleman to discuss voice-activated devices and much more amidst an 8k backdrop provided by Digital Projection.

Chain Smoke: Chad Andrews, Global Solutions Leader, Advertising and Blockchain, IBM

A must-check out for anyone in the advertising-blockchain intersection today.  Lauren deLisa Coleman goes inside the hottest space in the industry today to talk, at length with Chad Andrews, Global Solutions Leader, Advertising and Blockchain at IBM. An executive with 23 years of experience in media and entertainment, Andrews is able to convey and articulate this area of opportunity like few in the industry. From analytics to content enrichment to supply chain and incentives for consumers, Andrews provides rich insights and direction. Everything you wanted to know but were either afraid to ask or didn’t quite get it the first time.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard

Raja Rajamannar is well-respected in the advertising sector and certainly does not disappoint during this interview that kicks off “Chain Smoke.” Host, Lauren deLisa Coleman, talks with Rajamannar about his views on blockchain’s future impact on the industry, his advice for best practices in the space, technology’s impact on the industry overall, diversity and more.  A rare opportunity to go inside the mind of a C-suite executive of a brand that touches billions of people worldwide each and everyday, successfully.